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In Mario Kart Wii, there are three Weight Classes: Light, Medium and Heavy. Some general features are:

  • Light characters have high off-road (how much you are affected by grass and mud, etc, high being positive), high acceleration and somewhat low-top speed.
  • Medium characters are balanced.
  • Heavy Characters have low acceleration, low off-road and high top speed.
  • Light characters use small vehicles, medium characters medium vehicles, heavy characters large vehicles.

Additionally, a heavier character may ram other lighter characters, making them lose speed.

List of Characters

You can also play with your Miis: to get the Mii (Outfit A), beat the 100c Special Cup.
To get the Mii (Outfit B), you must unlock all the Fast Staff Ghosts. Their Weight Class depends on their Weight/Height in the Mii Channel.


List of Vehicles