Mario Kart Wii Wiki

I'm leaving Mario Kart Wii Wiki for good this time. The reason:

One of the main reasons I fell in love with the game Mario Kart Wii was because I loved playing competitive racing, not with just people all around the world, but with my friends who couldn't be there with me-- in a sense, it helped keep us connected all together. Mario Kart Wii just won't be the same without it. Because of this recent news, I assume that no one will really care about Mario Kart Wii anymore, not even me. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed editing here and I'm glad I became an admin. I gotta admit though, this place looks much better than before! :P
If you're a fellow Mario Kart Wii fan, and even if you're not, a good Wiki to edit on is the Mario Kart 8 Wiki. That Wiki actually has a chance so, if anyone is even reading this, let's go make it happen... together!

So, I guess this is it, the end. The last I'll of ever edited here...


                                                             ~ Peace! ❤