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Triple Mushrooms

A Triple Mushroom is a recovery Item that can be obtained from Item Boxes by anyone from 9th to 3rd. With two additional Mushrooms that the standard Item, several shortcuts can be taken throughout maps.

In addition to regular races, Triple Mushrooms are also allotted to players in Time Trials Mode.


Each time the player presses the Item button, they get use up a single Mushroom, which gives the racer a boost of speed. So, basically the same as a regular Mushroom, but just x3 the power. Preferably, each Mushroom should be used separate from the previous, meaning that you don't wanna boost while the other is still juicing out. This is for time efficiency.

Triple mushrooms can also be used defensively against the vicious Blue Shell. Although it can be challenging to pull off, players can boost before the spiked shell is coming down on them to dodge the blue explosion. (The same can be done with a regular Mushroom, too.) Also, you can try running away from a Red Shell with Triple Mushrooms. Most likely, you won't be successful, but its the least you can do...

Battle Mode also sees triple mushrooms as a means of stealing- either Coins (Coin Battle) or Balloons (Balloon Battle).

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