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Mario braving a handstand on Moo Moo Meadows.

A Trick is a technique that players can perform to gain a boost of speed, introduced in Mario Kart Wii. When the player shakes or presses the appropriate buttons, their character will do a spectacular stunt in midair. This was one of the most popular new additions to the Mario Kart series, because who doesn't like some amazing flips during a race?


When players leave a platform or are launched off a bouncy road, they can either shake the Wii Wheel/Wii Remote or hit the D-Pad (depending on which controller method you are using). This will make their character do a "trick" in the air, which vary from handstands, hiding in Koopa Shells, or simply waving. (Note: players must press the button/shake controller before they are at the crest of the Trick. Doing it at or after the crest won't work. it just won't.) Different racers have different trick animations.

Dry Bowser (GBA Bowser Castle 3).png
Dry Bowser gaining a Speed Boost after a Trick.
When the player reaches the ground after the stunt was successfully executed, they get a small speed boost. It's basically the same acceleration of a Mushroom, but for a shorter time span of about 1/2 second, much like a Mini-Turbo. Although this only accounts for a very small time advantage, they add up after a while, and every Trick can lead you that much closer to 1st place.

There's a few dangers when performing a trick, such as losing control in the air and flying off the track. proper placement estimation must be used to avoid this; it's really not that hard, but on narrow tracks, it could be a downfall... literally. Also, sometimes players hit the ground and boost right into a wall, making them lose all of their Acceleration. A very easy solution is to stop pressing A, and the turbo will be canceled.

Mario Kart Wii Trivia

Toad (Toad Circuit).png
Toad performing an amazing 360 spin on Toad's Factory.
  • Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8 also implicate Tricks.
    • However, they've been renamed to Jump Boosts, and can't be done by shaking the 3DS/Gamepad. You now can only press the Drift button (L) in the air.
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