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Standard Kart
Mario On Kart.jpg
An image of the Standard Kart.
Size All
Speed 6
Weight 7
Acceleration 6
Handling 6
Drift 7
Off-Road 4
Mini-Turbo 5
Unlocking Available from start.

The karts in Mario Kart Wii were, once again, redesigned, with various details added than they appeared formerly. Similar to Mario Kart DS, the typical go-karts receive the name of Standard Karts, and are classified according to the size of the vehicle, split in three groups: Standard Kart S for small-sized characters; Standard Kart M for medium size characters and Standard Kart L for large characters. Albeit weight classes were replaced for size classes, the general aspects of the karts are the same as appeared throughout the series.

  • Acceleration: The time to achieve the top speed.
  • Speed: The level of the top speed.
  • Weight: The strength of the vehicle to knock apart others.
  • Handling: The control of the vehicle.
  • Drifting: The friction power of the vehicle.
  • Off-Road: The speed of the vehicle over rough terrain.
  • Mini-turbo: The power of the momentary speed burst after drifting or made a trick.

In addition, each racer can vary the kart's custom stats with the bonus points they have for each feature and select other five karts in the determined character's size.

Unlike their two-wheeled counterparts Bikes, Karts don't have a high speed burst power after doing a Trick and cannot perform wheelies. However, they can release a more powerful mini-turbo by powersliding than a bike, depending how long the respective button is pressed.

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