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Shooting Star
Shooting Star image.jpg
Bowser in his Shooting Star
Size Large
Speed 50
Weight 48
Acceleration 29
Handling 32
Drift 59
Off-Road 27
Mini-Turbo 59
Unlocking win the 100cc Star Cup.

The Shooting Star, also known as the Twinkle Star in some parts of the world, is a large bike in the game Mario Kart Wii. It is unlocked by winning the 100cc Star Cup, and can only be used by large characters. The design of the bike has a star emblem on the front, and a comet trial on the sides and back of the bike. The statistics are quite decent for a bike that is fast and heavy. It bears a resemblance to the Shooting Star kart from Mario Kart DS. Another thing that makes the bike completely unique is that it drifts externally, where as the Bullet Bike, Mach Bike, and Flame Runner drift internally. The kart counterpart for this bike is the Honeycoupe. The Shooting Star is known for having excellent speed, drift, weight, and mini-turbo, while the acceleration and handling and off-road are seemingly poor and the signature character is King Boo.

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