Piranha Prowler
[[Rosalina in the Piranha Prowler|100px]]
Rosalina on her Piranha Prowler.
Size Large
Speed 7
Weight 7
Acceleration 6
Handling 6
Drift 3
Off-Road 8
Mini-Turbo 5
Unlocking Win the 50cc Special Cup

The Piranha Prowler is a Large Kart (actually, it is the largest one in Mario Kart Wii, available to only Heavyweight Characters. With the largest Weight in the game, it makes sense that it also has the poorest Acceleration out of all vehicles as well... The Piranha Prowler is designed to look like a dangerous Piranha Plant from the Mario series.


The length of the Piranha Prowler is actually quite long, with the racer's logo displayed on the side of the door. The seat has maximum comfort, because it is very cushioned. Green wheel guards go over the top half of the back tires, and a solitary green leaf sticks out of the back as well. The top half is basically 1/4 of a sphere, which forms the Piranha Plant's head. 7 petals jut out along the rim of the front, serving as a windshield in a way. The grille of the Piranha Prowler is shaped like the plant's large lips, and all along the body, spots can be seen and another logo up on front of the hood.

Color Schemes

  • Wario: Yellow, white spots, purple petals
  • Waluigi: Purple, white spots, pink petals
  • Donkey Kong: Brown, red spots, yellow petals
  • Bowser: Dark Green, white spots, orange petals
  • King Boo: Black, white spots, pink petals
  • Rosalina: Turquoise, white spots, yellow petals
  • Funky Kong: Red, white spots, yellow petals
  • Dry Bowser: Beige, black spots, red petals
  • Male Mii: White, blue spots, cyan petals
  • Female Mii: Pink, white spots, yellow petals



Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 48
Weight 57
Acceleration 15
Handling 40
Drift 44
Off-Road 17
Mini-Turbo 29

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