Mario Kart Wii Wiki
Waluigi on the Offroader
Size Large
Speed 39
Weight 64
Acceleration 48
Handling 54
Drift 18
Off-Road 43 (not a good off road)
Mini-Turbo 45
Unlocking Available from the start.

The Offroader is a kart for heavyweight characters in Mario Kart Wii. Its bike counterpart is the Wario Bike. It has the best acceleration and handling among all large karts in the game, but it is the slowest large kart in the game and has the worst drift among all karts in the game. Also, despite its name, it only has average off-road.


  • Although its name is 'Offroader', it doesn't have a very good off-road. So it should be called "Not Offroader". However, it's better than some bikes or karts.  Most large class are have some off-road bonuses (Except Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Rosalina).