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The Off-Road stat in Mario Kart Wii.

Off-Road is a statistic of Karts and Bikes that determines how fast they can go on off-road areas on maps. It's displayed next to the Character on their vehicle in the Vehicle Selection Screen. This stat pretty much has no Weight Class that it favors- Small, Medium, and Large racers can all have a very good amount of Off-Road capabilities, as well as a poor stat value (but still, Small vehicles generally have greater Off-Road).


When a driver deviates from the regular track and into grass, mud, sand, or something else, they are said to be off-road. Karts/Bikes travel much slower than normal in these places, but some can trudge through off-road better than others, thanks to the Off-Road statistic. With a high stat bar of it, speed will be more abundant to get out of the situation and back into the competition. So, it can be helpful to the players who usually fail at staying on-road... it's something they'll want.

Mario Kart Trivia

  • Off-Road was introduced in Mario Kart Wii and was also featured in Mario Kart 7.
  • Mario Kart 8 did not include the stat, but instead had specialized wheels that did good in off-road patches, Off-Road (wheels) and Retro Off-Road.