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A Mushroom power-up, seen in many Super Mario games.

A Mushroom is a common Item in many of the games in the Super Mario series, usually acting as a power-up that makes Mario grow into Super Mario.

The Mario Kart series utilizes the Mushroom as an Item that grants a speed boost. Also, it is one of the few Items that can steal a Balloon in Balloon Battle. Every Mario Kart has the Mushroom item, including Mario Kart Wii.


Luigi Circuit Mushroom Cut

Funky Kong using a Mushroom to cut Luigi Circuit

The obvious usage of a Mushroom would be to just boost ahead in the track to get your self closer to your opponents. Therefore, it's pretty much the basic recovery Item.

However, a more strategic use of Mushrooms is to cut through off-road areas that usually make you decelerate. Boosting through corners can get you a few places higher possibly, and when used on mega shortcuts (like in DS Delfino Square and Coconut Mall) where they are needed, you can gain a huge lead in the race.

During a match in Balloon Battle, Mushrooms can actually STEAL other enemies' Balloons and add them to YOUR collection. Otherwise, Mushrooms would be pretty useless, considering you are trying to hurt your opponents and not just drive past them in Battle Mode. You can steal as many as you want, but your Balloon capacity cannot go past 5, too bad.

There are also the dangerous Poison Mushrooms, seen in many Mario games. Sometimes, Poison Mushrooms disguise themselves as normal Mushrooms.

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Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros. - Mushroom Sound Effect-0

*Glitches can be done with the mushroom on a number of Stages, like Mushroom Gorge, where you can leap a mountain or jump so far that you fly out of the Out of Bounds area, and fall longer than normal, into a black mass where the Character coughs after being brought back. Using a Mushroom while doing a "Hanging Glitch" does not really get you out, you have to do it on an angle.

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