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Mii (Outfit B) is a character that lets you play as your Mii. The Mii, if it's a male, will wear overalls that look similar to Mario's with a long-sleeved shirt underneath that's color of the Mii's top. If the Mii is a female, she'll wear an outfit that consists of pants that are carpi and a ruffled-sleeved top, that's the color of the Mii's shirt, with a cameo on it like Princess Peach's.


To Unlock you can do either one of these:

  • Play 5100 combined Races and battles.
  • Unlock all 32 Fast Staff Ghosts.
  • Win 5000 Online Matches.
  • V-Unlock (Downloadable from Homebrew Channel)

Stat Bonuses

For Light Miis: Top Speed +3, Weight +3, Drift +3, Mini-Turbo +3.
For Medium Miis: Top Speed +3, Weight +3, Off-road +3, Mini-Turbo +3.
For Heavy Miis: Top Speed +3, Acceleration +3, Handling +3, Drift +3.

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