Mario Kart Wii Wiki:Ban Plan

Welcome to the Ban Plan!

2 hour bans

  • Adding opinionwise text on Pages For exp."This is the coolest stage" (You can add this kind of stuff in comments and messaging)
  • Adding Off-Topic Text to pages

1 Day bans

  • Undoing Templates, Links and Bold Words for exp.
  • Editing Other People's Profiles

3 Day Bans

  • Swearing
  • Adding Inappropriate content

1 Week Bans

  • Vandalism

2 Week Bans

  • Edit Farming
  • Harassing

1 Month Bans

  • Deleting Content

2 Month Bans

  • Deleting Content and replacing with false or inappropriate text or photos

6-12 Month Bans (Depending on the amount of trust you had)

Demoting another admin