Mario Kart 8-0
File:Games Week 2013 (Milano 25-27 ott. 13).jpgMario Kart 8 is a special edition of Mario kart for the Wii U. The reason why its called Mario Kart '8' is because it has a special power up or item that has 8 things you can get such as a star, shell, mushroom, flying shell, etc. You can also get characters such as Link, Cat Peach, Raccoon Mario, and Animal crossing characters (and additional levels). But the problem is, in order to get those awesome characters and levels, you need to make like 8 dollars for just one pack, or 11.99 for both packs. when you get both packs at the same time, you will get multiple colors of Yoshi, and Shy Guy. But before you order a pack, make sure you have enough space on the Wii U itself.(i learned that the hard way) if you don't have enough space, get a jump drive and copy games or apps onto there. (you can only play the games that are a a specific jump drive. There is also a special feature in this Mario Kart, the wheels go sideways. That helps the friction on the bike go faster and to go upside down!
Mario Kart 8
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