Mario Kart Wii Wiki

The Manual drift icon.

Manual is one of the two Drifting modes you can choose from in Mario Kart Wii. With this setting, players now have Drift on their own instead of power-sliding Automaticly. However, although it takes more work to perform a drift in the race, the player is rewarded with Mini-Turbos for executing a well rounded drift.


Wario drifting around a corner in Daisy Circuit, using Manual drift.

While tilting the Wii Wheel (assuming that's what you're using- if not, substitute the other controller method), pressing the B button will make either your Kart or Bike leap up into the air. When it come back down, if you keep on moving in a turning motion, the vehicle’s tires will start to slide across the track, perpendicular to the treads. In this way, the kart keeps up its Acceleration, even if it’s curving around a corner.

This apparently causes the kart to gain momentum and heat... smoke starts puffing around the wheels. After traveling in a short arc for a while, blue sparks will shoot out from underneath the vehicle’s engine; a Mini-Turbo is charged up, and releasing the B button will give you a Speed Boost.

A Super Mini-Turbo is fully charged for Yoshi to use on Moonview Highway.

Another, even more plentiful bonus of using Manual drift is a Super Mini-Turbo, essentially the same but... well, you know, it’s super! Orange sparks flaring from the bottom of the vehicle designate when this extra-long boost is ready; of course, it will take more work to gain a Super Mini-Turbo. You have to drift around a larger circumference of a corner, about equal to a hairpin turn, to receive a one.

Mario Kart Wii Trivia

  • So far, Manual drift has been an option in every Mario Kart game. In fact, out of all 8 installments in the series, Manual has been the ONLY drift option, besides ‘’Mario Kart Wii’’.
    • Super Mario Kart, the first in the franchise, didn’t award Mini-Turbos, but the drift process was the same. Mario Kart 64 introduced Min-Turbos, and Mario Kart Wii instituted Super Mini-Turbos. Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8 have both of them back.
  • Automatic, the beginner Drift mode, has the same basic drift sequence, but it doesn’t require pressing B.
    • Bikes turning around corners in Automatic can be seen scraping against pavement and creating blue sparks. But don’t get your hopes up- they are much smaller, and do nothing but look cool.
  • Karts are much more suitable to Bikes for drifting- their four tires create much more control than a Bike’s two. However, Bikes easily 1-up Karts with their special ability, a Wheelie.