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Luigi Circuit is the first course of the game and the Mushroom Cup. It is a small circuit for beginners. Its staff ghost is obviously Luigi.


The course starts with item boxes in the front, taking a small right turn, and going straight ahead. Then the player must take a somewhat sharp right turn, with more item boxes. The player must then keep going straight, with more item boxes along the way. There is a shortcut with a ramp on the left side of the straight-a-way, also having item boxes. Then the player must take a large right turn with boost panels, or you can choose not to use the boost panels, but it is faster to use them. There is another shortcut through the dirt with pipes blocking your way.


  • A ramp on the left side of the long straight-a-way.
  • Through the dirt, with pipes that can block the way.




  • There is a statue of Luigi on the second right turn that can be replaced by the face of a random male Mii.

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Luigi Circuit
Luigi Circuit.jpg
Course Information
Number 1
Normal Staff Ghost Nin★sato


Previous N/A
Next Moo Moo Meadows
Other Information
Mascot Luigi
Normal Ghost Character/Vehicle Sprinter-Luigi.png
Expert Ghost Character/Vehicle MachBike-Luigi.png
Nitro Yes
Retro No