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Grand Prixes put you in a series of four races called a cup. There are eight cups total (four already unlocked). Four of them are Wii cups, and these are brand new. The other four are Retro Cups, and these are courses that have appeared in previous Mario Kart games.

You're racing against 11 other opponents, and the position you finish grants you a certain number of points.if you are new to it you will see that there's 1 player 2 players 3 players or 4 player

The Grand prix is split into 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and Mirror cups. The "cc" refers to the power of the vehicles, with 50 being the slowest. Once you beat all the 50cc and 100cc Grand Prixes, which allow only karts and bikes respectively, you can switch them to race using either vehicle type. This is advantageous because you can use your favorite vehicle to get a high ranking (see below).

Once you complete all four courses in the specific cup, you are given an award and a rank. Both are extremely important if you want to unlock additional courses, characters, and vehicles.

You recieve a Gold Trophy if you finish first. You recieve a Silver Trophy if you finish in second. You recieve a Bronze Trophy if you finish in third. You recieve a key holder if you finish in fourth or lower.



List of Grand Prix related unlockables.