A standard GameCube Controller.

The GameCube Controller, a controller that was originally used for the Nintendo GameCube in 2003, is a type of control method that can be utilized for a select few Wii games. A large panel on the top of the console has four ports that allow players to play classic GameCube games (they are compatible with the Wii) or Wii games that have GameCube controls as an option.

One of the few titles that incorporate the GameCube Controller is Mario Kart Wii. Setting it up can be slightly difficult, but the GameCube Controller is a pretty popular choice of players looking for a unique style of racing.


A special edition Mario-styled controller.

The basic design of a GameCube Controller is a boomerang shape with small little 8-shaped panels holding a few buttons. In the center of the controller is the pause button. On the left panel is a joystick, which is the main way of turning/steering characters. Right underneath is a D-pad. The left panel boasts more buttons, with a center green A button (used to Accelerate), with a smaller, red B button (decelerate) a little to the left of it. Two X and Y buttons sort of circle around the A button, making them pretty simple to access. Another joystick trails these set of buttons, this one yellow and not used as widely.And up on the top is the usual the L and R shoulder buttons with more surface area than normal, making for some pretty comfortable pressing. These two shoulder buttons let players perform Drifting and equip Items. The cord for plugging in the GameCube Controller runs from the top and ends in a plug similar to the Nintendo 64's.

Also, one of the most fun things about this controller is the unbelievable rumble is produces when an action is performed.

A multitude of colors are available for the controller, with indigo being the most common. White-gray is another commonly seen one. Black, orange, and special Mario and Luigi additions, are just a few more of the wide variety of colors.

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