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An overhead view of GBA Battle Course 3.

GBA Battle Couse 3 is a battle stage that takes place around wide grass fields of the Mushroom Kingdom, a few miles out from Princess Peach's Castle. The arena is fairly simple and not to deadly; the only obstacles, if you even count these, are walls and sand.

This old-school battle map reappears in Mario Kart Wii as one of the six Retro Stages.


Baby Daisy drives through the center sand plot with a healthy sum of balloons.

The fighting course consists of a cubical, closed in area of about 100 feet on each side. Outlying the modest stadium are green forests and steep, rounded hills, with blue skies up above. In the distance, Peach's Castle, which takes on a pink, cartoonish animation, can be seen. So, back to the actual park... almost the entire region is paved with asphalt, save for the center. The wide, circular middle is covered in sand, which will slow racers down- a perfect trap for enemy drivers to shoot others down with ease.

Dry Bowser is smashed underneath Baby Daisy's tires, thanks to a Mega Mushroom.

Each of the four corners has an "L" shaped wall section, forming a right angle away from the sandy area. It kind of makes four separated square havens for less-skilled racers, with two openings out at the top. The walls make GBA Battle Course 3 a little less convenient to travel straight across, as well as shooting Items at opponents. The barriers are colored green, red, blue, and yellow (clockwise), and they have grass in between them, but it's not possible to get in there anyway. Surrounding the entire map is a blockade of walls, alternating colors of blue, yellow, red, and green.

Item Boxes are sprawled across the stage in a sort of star shaped pattern, with one at the epicenter in the sand patch, and the rest in between the pointed outward facing "L" walls and center track. No Items are available in the secluded, boxed-in corners, so staking out there may not be such a good idea. However, in Coin Runners, a plentiful amount of Coins out across the whole entire arena.

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A Multiplayer battle between Luigi, King Boo, Yoshi, and Koopa Troopa underway.

  • This kart-racing stadium is a retro remake of the old Battle Couse 3 from the Game Boy Advance game, Mario Kart: Super Circuit.
    • 3D walls, updated graphics, and slight barrier coloration are the only Mario Kart Wii changes from the original.