Dolphin Dasher
Daisy (Dolphin Dasher)
Daisy on the Dolphin Dasher.
Size Medium
Speed 7
Weight 7
Acceleration 6
Handling 6
Drift {{{drift}}}
Off-Road 8
Mini-Turbo 5
Unlocking Star Cup in Mirror Mode

The Dolphin Dasher is a Bike available in Mario Kart Wii for Medium weight racers. It is designed to look like a Dolphin from the Super Mario and Mario Party series, and has exceptional Speed and great Off-Road capabilities.



Yoshi's Dolphin Dasher.

The basic frame of the Dolphin Dasher is modeled after the body of a dolphin, with a very dense middle structure. The back of the bike has a gray exhaust pipe coming out with some fins just right over it. The Dolphin Dasher's wheels have white axels with pink and green accents. The front section is shaped like the dolphins head, with the snout a little on top of the frontal wheel. The top half is colored blue (Mario's coloration) and the bottom is white.The bike's handle bars come out the side of the head, and the dolphin also wears goggles, convenient for swimming and such. Although Mario Kart primarily takes place on tracks...

Color Schemes



Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 48
Weight 43
Acceleration 37
Handling 40
Drift 24
Off-Road 56
Mini-Turbo 37

Mario Kart Trivia

  • Dolphins, those of which the Dolphin Dasher was modeled after, get their own home course in Mario Kart 8, Dolphin Shoals. They can be seen swimming around. Now their goggles are helpful!

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