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Daytripper image.jpg
Yoshi in his Daytripper
Size Medium
Speed 4
Weight 6
Acceleration 8
Handling 9
Drift 4
Off-Road 8
Mini-Turbo 8
Unlocking 150cc Leaf Cup

The Daytripper, known as the Royal Racer in other parts of the world, is a medium-sized kart in the game Mario Kart Wii. The kart resembles an old-fashioned coach in the shape of a curled slipper. The bike counterpart is the Sugarscoot, which is available from the start of the game. The Daytripper has good handling, along with a good acceleration, off-road, and mini-turbo. The weight is decent, but the speed and drift are comparable low. Best if used with Princess Peach. Might be successor to Mario Kart DS's Light Tripper.

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