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DK Summit, also known as DK's Snowboard Cross in Europe, is the third course in the Flower Cup in Mario Kart Wii.

Course Layout

This race takes place on a snowy mountain featuring skiing Shy Guys. As the race starts, there is a Bullet Cannon that will blast the racers to the top of the mountain. Afterwards players then have to descend the mountain on a bob-sled type course. There are several sharp turns, where in some cases, players can fall off the edge.

DK Summit.

Then there is a field of lumps of snow with a few major jumps to give you boosts. Afterwards, the player reaches a half-pipe section with patches of snow that will slow you down and skiing Shy Guys going up and down the ramps. After clearing the half-pipe section, you arrive at the finish line. It is kind of hard because of the striped snow that slows characters down. The staff ghosts in this course don’t take any shortcuts whatsoever, so you have an advantage.


Turn Skip:

Right after the cannon, ride the boost panel to the left (right in Mirror) and pass over the sharp corner.

Single Pit-jump:

Right after the bumpy part of the track, the S - bend goes around two bottomless pits. After you pass over the last line of bumps, drift right (left in Mirror Mode) and fall over the pit and back onto the track. The railing will propel you on course, and you continue to the right with a cliff to your left (right in Mirror Mode).

Double Pit-jump:

After the bumpy part of the track, slow down and align yourself so that you can see the half - pipe with the Shy Guy skiers in front of you. Ease over the first pit and use the slope near the railing to the left (right in Mirror Mode) to boost you over the pit and onto the first part of the half - pipe.


Normal Staff Ghost:

2:34 by Nin Mokke

Fast Staff Ghost:

2:17 by Nin KOZ