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Yoshi at the Cups list with the Mushroom Cup selected.

A Cup in Mario Kart Wii and previous Mario Kart titles is a set of tracks in Grand Prix, VS, and Time Trials modes that a player can race on and try to win. Usually, there are 4 tracks in each cup (rarely 5), and 4 cups in each Grand Prix (sometimes 5 or 6). As there is two Grand Prixes, there is a total of 8 Cups in Mario Kart Wii.

Also, a Cup is also known as the cup you get at the end of each Cup. They are usually in the shape of something you can drink from, but a few are unique in shape. So you can't really drink from them like Drake...


The icons of the Cups, including theMushroom, Fire Flower, Star, Crown, Banana, Green Shell, Leaf, and Lightning.

The 8 main Cups are listed here. The names of the Cups are derived from an Item you can obtain from Item Boxes. For a more detailed look at the Prix, Cup, or Track, click the links.

Nitro Grand Prix

Mushroom Cup

The Mushroom Cup. Shrooms, anyone?

Flower Cup

A DIFFERENT player has been awarded the Special Cup.

Star Cup

¡Felicitaciones por ganar la Copa hoja!

Special Cup

Funky Kong preparing for the first race of the Lightning Cup.

Retro Grand Prix

Shell Cup

Banana Cup

Leaf Cup

Lightning Cup


Donkey Kong (Banjo) selecting from either the 1-Up Mushroom, Shine Sprite, Silver Mushroom, Feather, or Green/Red Egg Cup.

Under construction. Over the years, players of Mario Kart Wii have made custom tracks and placed them into specialized Cups. They can be brand new/original, based off of other games, or retro copies of tracks from other Mario Karts. Their names are based on unused Items from the games or other objects in the Mario universe.


  • Mario Kart DS set the standard for Cups (and Grand Prixes). Since then all Mario Kart games have followed this (with a few DLC exceptions).
  • The Nitro Grand Prix Cups were first introduced in the first game, Super Mario Kart, and Mario Kart: Super Circuit introduced the Lightning Cup.