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Classic Dragster
Classic Dragster image.png
Luigi driving his Classic Dragster on SNES Mario Circuit 3.
Size Medium
Speed 56/80
Weight 64/80
Acceleration 79/80
Handling 48/80
Drift 49/80
Off-Road 65/80
Mini-Turbo 75/80
Unlocking N/A

The Classic Dragster (also known as the Nostalgia 1 on PAL edition) is a medium-sized Kart in Mario Kart Wii. It has the appearance of a drag racing kart, as the name implies. It's one of the 3 Medium karts that don't have to be unlocked.


Its design resembles an early Formula One, or an Indy car. The body is very thin, with a few vents and a small guardrail running down the side of it. The driver's signature color determines the paint job of the Classic Dragster.


Yoshi in the Classic dragster on the vehicle selection screen.

The Classic Dragster has great acceleration with good Handling, Mini-Turbo, and Drift. Its Speed, Weight, and Off-Road are around average.

Mario Kart Wii Trivia

  • In Europe, the Kart is called the Nostalgia 1.
  • When using the Classic Dragster to race over Wi-fi, the other racers can't see the axles.
  • This kart does not have a bike counterpart for the medium-size class, although its statistics are similar to that of the Cheep Charger and the Quacker karts.
  • This vehicle is one of the four vehicles to come in the seven traditional colors of the rainbow. The others being the Cheep Charger, Dolphin Dasher, and the Honeycoupe.
  • Their is a slight resemblance between the Cucumber, one of Yoshi's unlockable karts in Mario Kart DS, and the Classic Dragster. Both have long frames, exhaust vents along the body, and a similar grille.

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