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A Bike.

One of the new things to Mario Kart Wii are the bikes, the second type of vehicle you can choose. There are 18 bikes available, some are default, others must be unlocked:

Bikes vs Karts

Bikes have advantages and disadvantages when compared to karts:

  • Bikes can only do the Blue Sparks Mini-Turbo, Karts can do Red Sparks Mini-Turbo by drifting a larger amount of time (Super Mini-Turbo).
  • While using a bike, you can do a wheelie, which gives a speed boost for a few seconds, but decreases your handling.

Whether you should use a kart or a bike is course dependant, but bikes are usually better. If you are playing on Luigi Circuit, you may want to use a kart, on Moonview Highway, when there are turns at all, they are mostly tight, making the wheelie better than a super mini-turbo.

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