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The icon of the 150cc engine class.

150cc is the fastest engine class you can choose from in Mario Kart Wii. The speed in this class is incredible, and master driving techniques are needed to smoothly pass some of the tight turns and curves in the maps. 150cc combines 50cc and 100cc's available vehicle, which could've been looked at as a bonus if the challenge of this class didn't cancel it out. There's 4 default cups (Mushroom, Flower, Shell, and Banana Cups) that can be selected at the start, but you can unlock the other 4 by beating the primary ones.



Waluigi prepping a Mini Turbo with 150cc speed on Dry Dry Ruins.

Boasting the highest speed category, 150cc can take you around tracks in less than in a minute, even the large ones. That is, however, if you can keep up with the tracks' obstacles that were once easier to handle but are now more dangerous. Performing Tricks can now be risky, too, as the boosted jump can carry players smack into a wall.


The thing that makes 150cc hard to conquer is the relentless computer controlled Characters. In 100cc, they drove at the same top speed (Speed stat is not calculated within this calculation), and 150cc makes them reach a HIGHER top speed than the racer. So typical skills do not suffice; great handling and steering is vital, and with all that speed, it can be quite challenging.


Both Karts and Bikes can be chosen in in this class, so it's up to what you prefer- Handling or Speed. And with that, beating all cups in it doesn't win you the capability to choose both ('cause it's already open), it gets you a different prize!..

Mario Kart Trivia

  • 150cc was originally the fastest engine type in Mario Kart since Super Mario Kart, but the newest game in the series, Mario Kart 8, introduces an even faster and punishing one- 200cc, where braking is advised.